Why Political messages and Music gel together

Political messages in Songs

Political messages and music have a long standing relationship. Many songs have been written with political messages. Over thousands of years, the power of songs and music have been seen on the political front. Music and songs have more memorability than speeches and newspaper columns. This is the reason for bands being included in every army. Social change is brought about by music, and there are m,any instances in history supporting this. The song ” We shall overcome” is one of the examples of political music which took the US Civil rights movement forward. Even in the politically controlled environment in China political messages have been put forward by songs. The Tiananmen-square remembered in Cui Jian’s music is another example of music’s influence on politics. ” Blindfold my eyes and cover the sky” the song that was sung by Cui Jian stirred the protestors and made them fearless on May 20, 1989. The singer even covered his eyes to show the political leaders that they were blind. Another song by the same singer “Nothing to my Name” became an anthem of the protest movement.