Music – The Healer

I was reading about various healing therapies recently and came across this article which talked about music being used medically to heal different ailments, especially Alzheimer. I was not surprised. I always have been a believer in power of nature, and reading about music having power to heal our brain and body didn’t come as a surprise to me.


We always knew that when moms sing soft lullabies to their babies, they feel relaxed and fall asleep. This itself proves that music does bring about some chemical changes in our body that result us in feeling de-stressed and relaxed.  Indigenous people have been using healing power of music since ages, and they use it for everything from sacred ceremonial rituals to daily life and healing practices. If we talk about Native American healing, it is certain to include music as the major component of their practice.

However, not all music is same. We do need the right music. The rock and roll and loud modern music actually does more harm than good.  You may want to experiment with different sounds that you hear around you; you can then try to recognize the sounds that strike the right chord with you, make you feel relaxed and at ease, and those which don’t. Setting some time aside to listen to harmonious or natural sounds are also sure to uplift your mood.

As for me, I love soft flute sound or classical Indian raagas. What about you?