Why Political messages and Music gel together

Political messages in Songs

Political messages and music have a long standing relationship. Many songs have been written with political messages. Over thousands of years, the power of songs and music have been seen on the political front. Music and songs have more memorability than speeches and newspaper columns. This is the reason for bands being included in every army. Social change is brought about by music, and there are m,any instances in history supporting this. The song ” We shall overcome” is one of the examples of political music which took the US Civil rights movement forward. Even in the politically controlled environment in China political messages have been put forward by songs. The Tiananmen-square remembered in Cui Jian’s music is another example of music’s influence on politics. ” Blindfold my eyes and cover the sky” the song that was sung by Cui Jian stirred the protestors and made them fearless on May 20, 1989. The singer even covered his eyes to show the political leaders that they were blind. Another song by the same singer “Nothing to my Name” became an anthem of the protest movement.


Downloading music: Is it on its way out?

Downloading music loses market shares to streaming services

You only have to think back a couple of years to find a time when downloading music was the standard way of procuring new music for your music library – whether this was done through legal or illegal channels. This doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. By and large most people nowadays make use of streaming services when listening to music. At first, people got used to the thought of not owning a physical copy of their music anymore, when they went from physical CDs to downloading music. But now, people appear not to care too much about owning music copies at all, and are instead entirely satisfied by streaming music off the Internet where it is easily and readily accessible on demand. Figures from the US even show the massive rise of music streaming, where revenue has gone up from 1.450 million USD in 2013 to 2.407 million in 2015! I think we just have to get increasingly used to the thought of not owning things in the same way as we once did, but instead pay through subscriptions for our favourite services.

Music and its relation to intelligence and Emotions

Music and emotions

Music is part of everyone’s life invariably. It is all around us. So I sometimes wonder how it affects us personally. Every culture has rhymes and poems for children. So actually we are being trained in music right from our childhood. But why music in schools? Well having this thought I decided to delve deeper and research this topic. It was an arduous task and ultimately I found some truth if not all.

Many research in this field has indicated that music training is directly related to brain development and becoming intelligent. What I found out was mind-boggling. A research in UK involving 1000 subjects revealed that intelligent and less intelligent have different music tastes. Intelligent people like soulful slow music while less intelligent like loud music. In some cultures people were trained to become aggressive for military purpose by making the listen to loud music. There are many tests which link intelligence to music but they are inconclusive.

Then comes the connection of music and emotions. Well folks music and emotions have obvious connection. You can feel for yourself. Don’t you feel relaxed and energised when you listen to your favorite music? You will certainly do. There is no test required to prove this!

Effect of Music

Happy Music

Music is a part of human life since we evolved as a species. A larger brain and the power of imagination gave us mental powers. However with thinking came complex worries and mood swings. The best answer to the problems of mood and worries is music. Yes friends research has shown that music can enhance good or bad mood. With music comes happiness and better health as per the research. Following the research it was applied successfully at McKenzie institute in New York. They put up upbeat music in the office area and productivity increased by 100 percent. payday247 helps you get enrolled at various programs of McKenzie. Economists would not agree to this but it is true. Here are some of other benefits of Music.

The preference of music actually shows the state of mind you are in. If you are going through a personal loss you would prefer sad music. loud music was preferred by youth as they were frustrated with their current situation ( Some part of it goes to the Hormones). Classical music was preferred by people who wanted to de stress after a day of work. It works wonders for the mind. Music of all kinds has a positive impact on the individual. Let me explain with the above illustration. If you have lost a dear one music will tone down the mood for you. Extreme cases like suicide is prevented. This is where music works. Now let us take the frustrated youth. The loud music will soak all his frustration which could have resulted in vandalism and violence. So cheer up and enjoy the music you like, it will help you think better.

Music – The Healer

I was reading about various healing therapies recently and came across this article which talked about music being used medically to heal different ailments, especially Alzheimer. I was not surprised. I always have been a believer in power of nature, and reading about music having power to heal our brain and body didn’t come as a surprise to me.


We always knew that when moms sing soft lullabies to their babies, they feel relaxed and fall asleep. This itself proves that music does bring about some chemical changes in our body that result us in feeling de-stressed and relaxed.  Indigenous people have been using healing power of music since ages, and they use it for everything from sacred ceremonial rituals to daily life and healing practices. If we talk about Native American healing, it is certain to include music as the major component of their practice.

However, not all music is same. We do need the right music. The rock and roll and loud modern music actually does more harm than good.  You may want to experiment with different sounds that you hear around you; you can then try to recognize the sounds that strike the right chord with you, make you feel relaxed and at ease, and those which don’t. Setting some time aside to listen to harmonious or natural sounds are also sure to uplift your mood.

As for me, I love soft flute sound or classical Indian raagas. What about you?

Why every era of music is actually golden

Depending on how old you are, you might have heard people say “that was the best era for music” or you have said it yourself. A lot of people think that music is progressively getting worse from *whatever era they favour the most”. After all, you just have to listen to the radio to see how bad music has gotten, right?

There are many reasons why people would think this. After all, people would respond to the kind of music they listened to when they are younger, for their thoughts and preferences are still being formed. This creates an artificial bias for music people were listening to when they were growing up.

Music Trends

But, hey, there is no denying that the songs from the 60s and 70s were much better, right? Well, that is the point. Only the best songs from all these eras have survived the test of time. There are songs that are considered to be the “best” today, and a lot of them were not popular back in the day.

There is no reason for you to feel bad about the kind of music we are getting nowadays, after all. You just have access to the incredibly bad music along with the good, but in a few year, the automatic filter will kick in and only the best music will remain.