An Ode to iPod Classic

I’ve had a love-hate relationship with Apple ever since I bought my first laptop. They have their own drawbacks and benefits, but there has been one Apple product that stands out among all the rest. No, I’m not talking about any version of the iPhone. I’m talking about the iPod classic.

iPod classic was certainly one of the best products Apple has ever designed. The design might be a little clunky for people who are used to slimmer models of iTouch, but it is still rather compact, especially since it could store up to 160GB of music. The iPod Classic was a dedicated device that was intended for people who have a huge collection of music, and want to carry their entire collection in their pocket.

An ode to iPod Classic

The iPod classic did not support any other apps, or come with a touch screen, but it had it’s own charm. The music quality was amazing, and it came in 32GB, 64GB and 120GB models. One could even choose to store movies on this device!

My iPod classic has seen a lot of wear and tear, but it’s because I do not step out of my house without it. I’m still rather upset with Apple’s decision to discontinue the product. Guess I’ll just have to take better care of my iPod classic- there will be no replacing it, after all.