Downloading music: Is it on its way out?

Downloading music loses market shares to streaming services

You only have to think back a couple of years to find a time when downloading music was the standard way of procuring new music for your music library – whether this was done through legal or illegal channels. This doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. By and large most people nowadays make use of streaming services when listening to music. At first, people got used to the thought of not owning a physical copy of their music anymore, when they went from physical CDs to downloading music. But now, people appear not to care too much about owning music copies at all, and are instead entirely satisfied by streaming music off the Internet where it is easily and readily accessible on demand. Figures from the US even show the massive rise of music streaming, where revenue has gone up from 1.450 million USD in 2013 to 2.407 million in 2015! I think we just have to get increasingly used to the thought of not owning things in the same way as we once did, but instead pay through subscriptions for our favourite services.