Best soundtracks to movies

Whenever I watch a movie, I always pay attention to the kind of music being used. I believe that movies can illicit the right emotion from us, only if they use the right music. After all, who does not want to hear swelling, inspirational music when a speech is being delivered, or a match is being won? Who does not want to shed a tear when there is sad, emotional music playing during a scene depicting loss?

There are some people who only prefer fresh compositions in movies. And there are some who believe that compilation soundtracks are better. I am of the opinion that both are amazing- it depends on what kind of movie is being made, and how good the end product is. It would be difficult to imagine a Tarantino movie without a good compilation of existing sountracks. It would also be impossible to imagine a Woody Allen movie without the atmospheric soundtracks taken from various decades.

Movie Soundtracks

On the other hand, I would not be able to imagine a movie like Star Wars, or Harry Potter without their original soundtracks and swelling music. Those are also classics, and those are tunes that have stayed with us for such a long time that they have become a part of the public consciousness.

Another example of fresh compositions for movies would be Disney movies. Their songs are the most integral part of their movies, and it would be impossible to imagine a Disney movie without the catchy tunes!

What are your favourite soundtracks in movies? Do share!