Music and its relation to intelligence and Emotions

Music and emotions

Music is part of everyone’s life invariably. It is all around us. So I sometimes wonder how it affects us personally. Every culture has rhymes and poems for children. So actually we are being trained in music right from our childhood. But why music in schools? Well having this thought I decided to delve deeper and research this topic. It was an arduous task and ultimately I found some truth if not all.

Many research in this field has indicated that music training is directly related to brain development and becoming intelligent. What I found out was mind-boggling. A research in UK involving 1000 subjects revealed that intelligent and less intelligent have different music tastes. Intelligent people like soulful slow music while less intelligent like loud music. In some cultures people were trained to become aggressive for military purpose by making the listen to loud music. There are many tests which link intelligence to music but they are inconclusive.

Then comes the connection of music and emotions. Well folks music and emotions have obvious connection. You can feel for yourself. Don’t you feel relaxed and energised when you listen to your favorite music? You will certainly do. There is no test required to prove this!


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