Spiritual and Playful: Beirut

Beirut has not released a lot of music- they have been around since mid-2000s and in this entire time, they have released only four full albums (Gulag Orkestar, The Flying Club Cup, The Rip Tide, and No No No). I find myself visiting and revisiting their music entirely too many times. Over the years, Beirut has developed a rather faithful and strong following, and hopefully, that will keep them coming up with new music.

Beirut- Indie Music at its best

Beirut’s first album was Gulag Orkestar, which was heavily influenced by Eastern European cities and music. The feel of the album is extremely spiritual- almost like a modern retelling of ancient prayers and chants. Zack Condon’s lilting voice makes every song sound more like an anthem- like a call of joy. Beirut makes music that is joyful and playful, while at the same time being soothing and melancholic. This indie band also thrills audiences in their live performances, for the dynamism and energy of their song certainly translates well during the live performances.

What I enjoy the most about their work is the fact that they are not scared of going out of their way with the use of instruments. The six members of the band (Condon, Nick Petree, Paul Collins, Kyle Resnick, Ben Lanz, Aaron Arntz) play 13 instruments. It makes their songs so much different than the ones we usually hear on the radio.

No No No, their fourth album released in September, 2015, and is their first album in four years.


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