The Ultimate Guide to Eurovision Contest 2015

The unique anchoring style and format makes Eurovision the most awaited contest in Europe and also watched all over USA and Australia.The 2015 contest will take place in Vienna between May 18 and 23.

Vienna Stadthalle
Vienna Stadthalle


The Event and Participants

The main event will take place at Vienna Stadthalle.Pop will meet Opera on 17th may at the opera house at a special screening. The artists will try to build a bridge between various Music cultures.

39 countries will vie for four spots in finals. They will meet the automatic qualifiers to final – The Hosts (Austria), The Debutant (Australia) and The Big Five (Germany, France, Spain,UK and Italy).



Guided Tours
Special Guided Tours




Eurovision will keep the tourists pouring in. The event organisers have made arrangement for guided tours between May 19th and May 23rd> Each tour will show a different shade of the contest and the city of vienna. The cost of each tour is € 15 for two hours.The tours will be in German,French and English.








Australia is in as a debutant directly into the finals. The representative singers from Australia will be performing on the Eurovision stage for the first time. It is another first for a country outside Europe participating. Eurovision keeps on springing such surprises. So go ahead and watch the spectacle live.




Gay Paradise
Gay Paradise




Unlike most countries Vienna is the place for LGBT. The gays will be there at Eurovision 2015 much so after Conchita Wurst winning the contest last year. Let the world watch how Vienna and Eurovision build bridges across cultures. Three Cheers!!!






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