What Motivates Acoustic Artists to Make Music?

I have been thinking a lot about acoustic musicians lately and what is it that motivates them to make music? With so many musicians out there, some making it big, some making it little, some barely making it, one asks, “What motivates acoustic artists to make music?”   There are several different answers, but it all comes back to one solid point: there is something about music that makes the artist want to be a performer.
For some acoustic artists, the call of performing is to make money. Many talented musicians find that they are able to make a little extra money on weekends by booking small, local gigs. As they begin to gain appreciation and fans, the musician may find himself or herself making even more money as time goes by. The dream of earning a living by doing something one loves calls strongly to these musicians.

For other artists, the reason for making acoustic music is to gain credibility. These people want their name to be known for their music. These artists look for audiences who can relate very closely to their music, who will be able to appreciate it, and will become loyal followers to the musician. Money does not matter quite as much to these artists, but rather the fame.

The third reason an artist may make acoustic music is to simply touch people. Some musicians really only want to make people feels emotions. Their acoustic music comes from deep within the soul, and can be very emotional. These musicians rarely use their real names, book gigs or post their music to any place that will make money. Instead, these musicians post their music to sites that will reach listeners worldwide, free of charge, in hopes that their acoustic music will touch at least one life.

What determines which category an acoustic artist will fall in? There are as many answers as there are musicians. Each person has their own reasoning for making music, and each individual artist will find their needs fulfilled in different ways, for different reasons.


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