How do you listen to music?

People like listening to music in different ways. Some people prefer watching it performed live, some people prefer listening to the same music on high-end speakers and music systems. Which one is better? Which one works more?

It depends on your personal requirements, actually. Some people think that music is all about the feelings and the collective experience of the sound. These are the people who prefer going to concerts and think that live music is the true way in which music is enjoyed.

Live music vs recorded music

On the other hand, there are some people who believe that the true meaning and spirit of music is in the musician’s mind. These are the people who believe that they need surround sound and good quality music systems are essential for the correct musical experience, for these music systems will enable us to hear sound the same way the artist intended us to.

So, which camp is right? In a way, neither and both. Music is something highly personal- so the way you enjoy listening to music will be determined by personal choice and preferences. Personally, I prefer live music when I’m in a particular state of mind, and for very specific brands, but I will most certainly not say no to a Bose sound system!